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Quotes are valid for a 21 day period only and rental items are subject to availability once you have choosen to book. Inventory is not held under your name while in quotes.


All rentals are charged for the time out whether they were used or not. Rates will be adjusted if items are kept beyond the contracted rental period.


Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit amount is based on a percent of the booking. 

We advise booking your order in advance as some items are limited in quantities and we would like to you avoid disappointment. We encourage you to book only the items you will be requiring. Items that you book but may not require closer to the function could be subject to the no cancellation policy. Many rental items are limited and orders are packed in advance if they are cancelled too close to the function date we may lose the opportunity to re rent the item to another customer. We do not practice FAIR WEATHER BOOKINGS. Final numbers are due 10 days prior and we will call or email you as a reminder.  

A credit card number is required on file.  Should we not be able to collect at delivery time your invoice will be processed on the credit card.  We accept all major credit cards, cash, interact and personal cheque. Payment is due at the time of delivery unless you have an established account with Four Seasons Party Rentals. 


All tents are installed during business hours. Installations on a Saturday or Sunday will be subject to a service charge. Prices are based on grass installations. Concrete, sand and asphalt installations are an extra charge. Sidewalls are not generally installed at the time of setup but we will we will give a demonstration and setup one length. Sidewalls installed early could  result in the tent slacking off and becoming loose. In the summer a tent with the sidewalls is like a sauna and uncomfortable to work in. Most times the sides do not go on until the evening.

Tent orders must be dismantled and ready for pickup on Monday am. Tent pickup is based on the weather on that morning and the distance to be travelled. Items that have been removed from under the tent and moved to a different spot be returned under the tent for the drivers to locate easily.


All items received by the customer will be clean and ready to use. Dishes and cutlery are required to be scraped free of food. Glasses are to be emptied and placed upright into the crates. Linens placed back in the bags provided. Rentals are to be repacked in the containers provided at delivery time and stacked in one area visible to the drivers. Rental items and containers damaged or not returned will be charged for the cost of replacement. There is no refund for unused rentals items.


Please shake free of food etc...and place back in the bags or bins provided. Linens returned in plastic bags could cause mildew. Damaged linens ie burn holes, wax or missing linens will be charged back to the customer for the replacement. 


Should you experience a propane rental not starting up, unhook the connection and reattach.  Crack open the valve slowly and the item will ignite .


Delivery charges are based on distance travelled, business hours during the week and the number of employees that are required. Deliveries are pre scheduled and have a designated route they follow. You may request a specific day and time but that is not confirmed until the schedules are set. To have a delivery done at an exact day and time at your request and we have to then send a vehicle specifically for your job only with no time flexibility is considered a special delivery and then subject to a service charge. 

Deliveries are to the front, side or garage door at ground levels. We do not setup or take down rentals (other than the tents and dance floors). If you cannot be home for the delivery it can be placed in a garage or porch but then payment must be made in advance. If our drivers are requested to carry rentals a long distance, down or up steeps hills, stairs or our trucks cannot access the location you will be service charged for the additional time. All items are to be repacked in the containers provided at delivery time and stacked in an area visible to the driver. The table and chairs are to be fold down and stacked. Payment is due at the time of delivery unless you have an established account. 


Four Seasons Party Rentals have spent over 23 years establishing our excellent reputation based on customer service and quality. We work hard maintaining and upgrading our inventory on a ongoing basis. This is done to keep up with the new trends and themes to meet the demand of our customers. Often lower prices will mean reduced quality and service. The old saying of you get what you pay for could apply to your final choice in rental companies. We will review a request for a price match but certain stipulations will apply.

Donation requests will be considered but we do have selected charities that we do support. Since a large part of our inventory is based on items that non profit groups require to fund their cause it is hard to fulfill all requests. We do need to generate revenue to support our staff and business.


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