Terms and Conditions

It is the clients responsibility to read the following:

Client: Refers to the individual contacting Four Seasons Party Rentals regarding renting items from our company and agreeing to use our services.

  • Please review the invoice thoroughly and promptly notify of any errors.

  • Nothing is reserved until we receive a 25% non-refundable deposit. By sending the deposit, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions as well as terms outlined within this document.

  • The remainder of the balance on your account is due in full 30 days prior to your event.

  • If you cancel your event, or items that you have reserved, within 30 days of the event

    date, there will not be a refund of any amount returned to you.

  • Four Seasons Party Rentals is only responsible for the set up of the tent and dance floors. All other items are drop off and pick up only and are to be set up and taken down by the client.

  • All tent prices are based on a grass setup where we can pull the trucks up to, for unloading.

  • All charges listed are on a one-day usage unless otherwise stated.

  • Items are to be kept under cover until picked up by Four Seasons Party Rentals.

  • The client will be responsible for a service charge for any additional clean up required.

  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned and piled for pickup for the next business day as it falls on the calendar.

  • For tent rentals, you are responsible for sending us a satellite image of where the tent will be located. Please mark on the image where you want the tent set up and email it to us asap. We require this information to order the locate and for day of installation.

  • For tent rentals, we call for locates coming in from the main to home only and require a minimum of one month in advance to complete this. You will get a second email regarding the location of this locate closer to the event date.

  • For tent rentals, any privately owned infrastructure will not be notified by Ontario One Call. Prior to the commencement of installation, the client shall clearly identify to Four Season Party Rental the location of all underground pipes, wires, or other utility equipment on the grounds, at the clients expense. In the event of default in this connection, the client shall be responsible for all loss or damage caused by tent stakes (18” – 60” stakes) to secure tents or other equipment. For example, you may have a gas line that goes from your gas meter to your pool or barbeque, or you may have an electrical line that goes from your house to your garage or you may be on a septic system or well. This would not be covered under an Ontario One Call Request to dig. You may need to contact and hire someone to find these pipes and cables for you. This is the responsibility of the homeowner to order. Four Seasons Party Rentals is not responsible for any damage done to these potential underground hazards. All responsibility for these potential hazards is the responsibility of the homeowner or the person renting the tent.

  • All clients are advised to contact their local building department for details regarding permit fees and requirements for your area (fees and requirements vary widely from area to area across the province)

  • Any tents bigger than a 20×30 in most municipalities require a building permit that the renter is responsible for.

  • Tents that exceed 40×60 typically require an Engineering Site Review after the tent has been installed. The engineer will be required to send all documents to the Municipality. Permits will not be approved without a signed “Commitment to Review” from an engineer. It is the client’s responsibility to contact an engineer.

  • The client is responsible for all permit and engineering fees (if required), as levied by their respective Building Departments.

  • A minimum of 10 feet’ around the perimeter is required and 16’ away from power lines to the closest point of the tent.

  • The client agrees to clear the site upon which the equipment is to be installed of all structures and other impediments. Four Seasons Party Rentals shall not be responsible for damage to the ground or any paved portion of the site, nor for damage to trees, flowers or shrubs adjacent to the lands resulting from the installation of the equipment. If the terrain is not suitable to hold the type of stakes normally used to secure the tents, an additional charge will be made for special posts, water barrels, or other equipment as required if possible to do so.

  • The client shall be liable to Four Seasons Party Rentals for all damage, including but not limited to the disappearance, soiling or staining of all or any part of the equipment. In the event of damage to the equipment due to any cause whatsoever, the client agrees to notify Four Seasons Party Rentals of this damage within 12 hours. Damage to the equipment shall be based on the replacement value of the equipment.

  • The client assumes all risk, liability, damages, costs, claims, demands, suits, or actions arising for the use and operation of the tent, tables and chairs and for personal injuries and property damage arising therefrom including any loss or damage to the tent or to the premises the tent is located.

  • The client shall release Four Seasons Party Rentals from any and all liabilities, including injury to any person or persons, including death resulting at any time therefrom, occurring in or about the Tent or any part thereof.

  • Four Seasons Party Rentals shall not be responsible to the client for any delays or non- completion of the contract caused by Acts of God, strikes, boycotts, civil insurrections or commotion or any other outside of Four Seasons Party Rentals control.